About Us

We help you host exceptional parties.

Hosted is a boutique party rental company supplying décor, servingware, and party inspirations in the Washtenaw County, Michigan area.

I love to host parties. But it’s hard to justify buying or making everything I’d need to make them as awesome as I envision. It is frustrating to balance the cost of purchasing the perfect décor with the practicality of owning things I rarely use and the wastefulness of buying disposable.

So I wanted to give you another option: Rent that cool stuff! Let somebody else store it! Don't limit yourself to cheap disposables!

I want to help you stop stressing about hosting, and get back to celebrating those birthdays, babies, brides, holidays, friends, and family.

Hosted is run by me and my spouse Matthew. We believe all the best things are thoughtfully crafted and lovingly shared.