Rental Agreement


Many of these rental items are vintage, used, handmade, etc. and are expected to exhibit reasonable signs of wear and love. Please handle with care.

Throughout this document, the customer is referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’, meaning the person or group who is entering into this rental agreement with HOSTED LLC (‘HOSTED’).

COVID-19 Policy

Hosted is committed to providing clean products that are ready to use for your party. We want to help take the stress out of hosting, especially now while everyone is aware of, and trying to prevent the spread of, infection. With that in mind, as we are a two-person show co-locating with our products, we will issue a full and immediate refund if one of us begins to feel ill within two weeks of your event and we will not be able to maintain our commitment to operate safely.

Rental Period and Late Fees

Reservations must be made at least 4 days prior to the rental period. There are two rental periods available: weekend or mid-week.

  • A weekend rental period is defined as over the weekend from Friday to Monday. Your order will be available on Friday and must be returned the following Monday.

  • A mid-week rental period means your order will be available the Monday prior to your event and must be returned the following Friday.

After you submit your order, HOSTED will contact you to arrange a pick-up or delivery time.

Responsibility for the rented items is assumed by you as soon as the items are received and continues until the items are returned to HOSTED.

Please check your order upon receipt and confirm all items have been received as per your order. Contact HOSTED immediately regarding any discrepancies or damaged items so they can be resolved.

The rental charge applies whether the rented item is used or not. No credit will be given for unused items.

Please be considerate of other customers who have scheduled rentals after yours. All rented items must be returned by or before the end of the rental period. If items are not returned on time, you will be charged for additional rental periods. If items are not returned within 7 days, they will be considered lost and HOSTED will charge you the replacement fee (see "Lost or Damaged Items" section below). In the event that unexpected, extenuating circumstances occur, please contact HOSTED as soon as possible to make arrangements.

All items must be in the same condition as they were received, with the exception of reasonable wear and tear. Please see the "Cleaning of Rented Items" section below.

Order Pick-up & Return by Customer

Orders will be available for pick-up from and should be returned to 1558 Glastonbury Rd, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103.

The person who ordered the rental item(s) is required to be the one who picks them up. If you desire an alternate person to pick up your items, you must first notify HOSTED of that person’s name prior to pick-up, in order for us to release items to them. A legal form of identification (such as a driver’s license or credit card) matching the pick-up person’s name is required for HOSTED to release the rented items.

HOSTED is not responsible for delivering or retrieving the rented items if you have chosen the Customer Pick-up and Return method.

You are expected to bring a vehicle appropriate to handle the size and weight of the items rented and to be able to physically carry and handle the items (including in and out of your vehicle and at your party’s location), or to bring additional help to do so. HOSTED is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or personal injury related to loading/unloading the rented items.

Delivery & Retrieval by HOSTED

HOSTED offers limited delivery and retrieval services of our products to Washtenaw County ZIP codes, including 48103, 48104, 48105, 48108, 48109, 48118, 48130, 48158, 48160, 48176, 48189, 48190, 48191, 48197, and 48198.

The cost for delivery and retrieval is a flat fee of $20.

Deliveries can be scheduled to your Washtenaw County location on the Friday before your weekend event with retrieval on the Monday after your event. For midweek events, deliveries can be scheduled for Monday with retrieval on Friday. If you are interested in having your HOSTED order delivered but are unable to schedule the dropoff/retrieval on Mondays/Fridays, please contact us to inquire about availability.


Full payment is due at the time of order to secure your rental date. HOSTED accepts payment in the following forms: cash, check, or credit card.

Payment by check or cash requires either: a credit card on file with HOSTED (not to be charged unless items are damaged, lost, or stolen), or an upfront security deposit corresponding to the value of items rented (refer to your order receipt).

HOSTED reserves the right to additionally charge your credit card in the event that rented items are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Refund Policy/Cancellations/Changes

If you need to cancel your order, HOSTED will give you a full refund on the rental amount if cancelled at least 3 days before the rental period begins; otherwise you will be charged the full rental amount, regardless of use.

Changes to your order (other than full cancellation) can be made by contacting HOSTED up until 7 days before the rental period begins. Otherwise, HOSTED reserves the right to either refuse changes or charge an additional fee for the changes.

Cleaning of Rented Items

Our chinaware, glassware, and flatware are delivered to you “Table Clean” and ready for use. After use, rented items should be cleaned of debris (meaning scraped and rinsed) and stacked in the containers in which the items were received.

Similarly, linens are sent out clean and ready for table setting. Following use, linens should be returned dry and shaken free of food and debris. If wet, please air dry only. If soiling has occurred, please rinse with water, but DO NOT LAUNDER. Candle wax will damage linens so be careful using lit candles on linens.

You will be charged a cleaning fee of $25 per item, and/or replacement fee if damaged (see "Lost or Damaged Items" section below), for items returned without having been handled as described above.

Lost or Damaged Items & Replacement Fees

You are responsible for the rented items from the time of receipt until the time of return to HOSTED. It is your responsibility to secure the items when not in use and to protect them from any weather exposure at all times. You will be charged the replacement cost for any damaged or missing items, including boxes and crates provided for storage and transfer of items; please see order receipt for details. The replacement fee per item is 500% of the item's rental price (e.g. $5 rental price = $25 replacement fee).

In the event that any of the rented items become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, you agree to immediately discontinue use of the item and promptly notify HOSTED. If the change in condition of the item is not your fault, HOSTED will attempt to replace it with an identical or similar item in good, working order, or refund you for the value of the unusable item.

Responsibility/Liability of Item Use

You assume responsibility for yourself and all other persons using the rented items during the rental period. If you are using the rented items at a third-party location (such as a banquet hall or another person’s home), you assume responsibility for any damage to that location resulting from the items’ use. HOSTED is not responsible for personal injury or damage to property during the rental period.


Last Updated: 15 Oct 2019